reiter engineering launch new engine kit

KTM X-BOW GT400 at the Studio
KTM X-BOW GT400 at the Studio

With the introduction of the GT400 engine kit for the X-BOW GT4, REITER ENGINEERING is launching the next evolution in the KTM X-BOW GT4 development. In addition, our engineers and technicians are constantly working on expanding our product range. Find here bellow to read detailed information and performance data on the engine kit as well as the current product range.






RE GT400 Engine Kit consisting of

  • high performance turbocharger
  • high perormance connecting rods
  • high performance fuel pump
  • chargecooler extended version
  • modyfied oil cooling system
  • Reiter Engineering motor software
  • oil temperature sensor
  • oil pressure sensor
  • MOTEC Datalogger recommended!

RE GT4 Aerodynamic accessories

  • Frontsplitter SPX / SP2 *
  • Rear Wing inc. Gurney SPX / SP2
  • Lightweight underfloor
    *permitted only with SPX / SP2 rear wing!

RE GT4 Suspension accessories

  • Sport Springs various rates 80-160 NM
  • Anti-Roll-Bar FA reinforced (in preparation)
  • Sport Suspension improved characteristic (in preparation)

RE GT4 Endurance accessories

  • Additional engine cooling fan
  • 120 Liters fuel cell
  • Cat by-pass pipe
  • chargecooler extended version
  • Double- headlights incl.Cornering Light
  • various fuell cell valves
  • Quick start/stop endurance button
  • Ballast 1,5kg 3mm
  • Brakepedal large

RE GT4 Comfort accessories

  • Additional Driver Cooling
  • Aircondition
  • Rear View Camera
  • Power Steering (in preparation)
  • Silenced Exhaust System

RE GT4 Sensor Kits

  • Brake Pressure Sensor RA
  • Damper Movement Sensor Kit
  • oil temperature sensor
  • oil pressure sensor

RE GT4 savety accessories

  • Driver Net (vehicle center)

RE GT4 Tools

  • Cable ext. Batterie
  • OBD-ABS Adapter
  • ABS-PC Interface Cable
  • Car Jack Bar
  • Fuel Drain Hose Female
  • Refueling Bottle 25 Litre
  • Refueling Bottle Stand
  • Airlance
  • Airjack Safety Prop front
  • Airjack Safety Prop rear
  • Tracking Gauge
  • clutch centering
  • Wheel gun nut Aluminium
  • Wheel gun nut steel


Partners of Reiter Engineering

  • KTM
  • Internetx
  • WP Performance
  • True Racing
  • Holinger Europe
  • Hohenbergevent
  • Brauerei Schoenram
  • Ravenol
  • LePlan GT Wine