Reiter Engineering covers the full range of development services for the KTM X-BOW GT4, which includes concept, design, service, technical design, prototyping and testing. The KTM X-BOW GT4 is based on the proven and successful predecessor. The new car additionally offers these features:

Major changes

  • Runing cost are kept within acceptable limits
  • road car components: Original Audi 4 cylinder 2.Olt Turobmotor with 360Hp and Bosch Motoronic
  • Low tyre and brake wear: tyre changes in endurance races only after 4 hours
  • Excellent engine performance thanks ample cooling
  • the monocoque technology provides unique protection never previously seen in this class
  • fia tested sportscar rollcage
  • completely redesigned exterior
  • typically futuristic ktm design



Partners of Reiter Engineering

  • KTM
  • Internetx
  • WP Performance
  • True Racing
  • Holinger Europe
  • Hohenbergevent
  • Brauerei Schoenram
  • Ravenol
  • LePlan GT Wine